Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Rosebud-Lott school district. Proud to be a Cougar is one of our slogans that covers the spirit of competiveness in all aspects of school activities. We excel in many areas each year.

Our band has been Division I fourteen years in a row. Our boys won state in track in 2014. Our girls won state in track in 2015. Our high school UIL academic team won the district championship in 2015.

Our district has received acceptable status by TEA for academic performance. All four campuses will field UIL teams for the 2015-2016 school year.

Our district's technology is one of the finest in the state of Texas. Our district has applied for and received funding for four different grants that will allow more educational opportunities for our students.

Our district has a Gear-up program for junior high and high school students. Our Ace programs at the Rosebud Primary and Lott Elementary promotes academic achievement for our students. We definitely have a great school district.

Dr. Don Hancock
Superintendent of Schools
Rosebud-Lott Independent School District
Superintendent's Expectations
for Students
RLISD will enable, encourage and educate students to perform at a level of 80% or Better in an enriched environment which ensures exceptional achievements for ALL students.
for Faculty and Staff
RLISD will allocate the resources to ensure equity in education in the most effective and efficient manner to increase and maintain excellent student academic achievement.
for the Community
RLISD will engage the community stakeholders with an active and collaborative partnership to ensure educational excellence, workforce development, and quality neighborhoods.  Parents, teachers, students, and community members will be active partners in the district's education of it's students.
for Operations
RLISD will use strategic plans to be fiscally responsible and efficiently use all resources- human, time, facilities and monetary- to support student achievement.
for Resources
RLISD, as the employer of choice, will recruit and retain the best faculty and staff by rewarding excellence and providing opportunities for continual professional growth.
for Environment
RLISD will have a pervasive culture of safety and respect which will maintain clean, safe, and high tech facilities that provide an excellent environment for student success and the strongest foundation for students to be leaders in a global economy.
Superintendent's Contract

Superintendent's Contract

District Events

ACE Event: Adult Yoga Class
Date: 12/1/2015, 6 PM 7 PM
Location: LES Gym
Facility Committee Meeting
Date: 12/2/2015, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: Boardroom in RLISD Administration Building located on High School / Middle School Campus in Travis, TX
Rosebud Christmas Parade
Date: 12/3/2015, 6 PM
Location: Rosebud
FRED Party for all of RPS
Date: 12/8/2015, 5:30 PM
Location: RPS Cafeteria
ACE Event: Adult Yoga Class
Date: 12/8/2015, 6 PM 7 PM
Location: LES Gym
Parent Party at RPS
Date: 12/10/2015, 5:30 PM 6:30 PM
Location: RPS Cafeteria
Last day of ACE for 2015
Date: 12/11/2015
ACE Event: Adult Yoga Class
Date: 12/15/2015, 6 PM 7 PM
Location: LES Gym
Regular School Board Meeting
Date: 12/17/2015, 6:30 PM 8:30 PM
Location: Boardroom in RLISD Administration Building located on High School / Middle School Campus in Travis, TX
Christmas Holiday (No School)
Date: 12/21/2015
Christmas Holiday (No School)
Date: 12/22/2015
ACE Event: Adult Yoga Class
Date: 12/22/2015, 6 PM 7 PM
Location: LES Gym
Christmas Holiday (No School)
Date: 12/23/2015
Christmas Holiday (No School)
Date: 12/24/2015
Christmas Holiday (No School)
Date: 12/25/2015