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Connection Grant - Our Journey for the Apple!

Connection Grant NEWS
TEL – Technology Enhanced Learning Project, is a collaborative of seven unique school districts who are sharing the journey of bringing their districts up to the standards of the 21st century learning environment, and inviting visitors to come see how and why they are forging ahead with such diligence.
Through the TEA awarded grant funds, each district has been provided 42 lap-top computers, interactive clicker systems for real-time engagement and evaluation, interactive whiteboards and document cameras, a server, some wireless capacity equipment and inclusive of extended professional development and support for integration and improved academic achievement.
The collaboration has allowed districts of varied locations, sizes and settings to learn support and engage each other in striving to achieve the highest level of student and teacher success with the new resources and world-wide access. Groesbeck is a 3-A district-wide, one-to-one laptop, Apple Demonstration district that is leading and mentoring our journey in the establishment of each districts successful integration of academic technology application. Rosebud-Lott is a small 2-A district who is initiating the one-to-one laptop initiative at the Middle school with 160 students through Connection and local funds. Marlin ISD is a larger 2-A district that is also using the funds to improve the technology integration on their Middles School campus. Morgan ISD is a 1-A district where the Connection grant funding is effecting the education of all 130 students enrolled above 2nd grade. Walnut Springs another 1-A district is affecting all 200 students in PreK- 12 grade through the connection grant funds. Waco Charter is a school of 252 students PreK-5th grade in Waco who are also using the funds to effect the instruction and learning of all their students through the grant. Star ISD is the smallest 1-A district with 65 students where technology is being integrated and a focused part of student success and delivery of instruction for several mandates not feasible without technology support.
We invite you to call, e-mail or come visit any of the member districts. Contact the Superintendent’s Office of the district you wish to visit. You can be sure that you will have a beneficial visit and understand how the technology process has been, was designed and then defined. You will also gain an understanding of what steps are needed, which routes are laid out and how it is so worth the journey.
Please also join our Project Share page at:
Training will take place for using this platform to share our journey. Look for new postings from all the districts in the near future!
Groesbeck ISD Mentor District – Project Management
Dr. Harold Ramm, Supt.
Marlin ISD - Partner District
Marsha Riddlehuber, Supt.
Morgan ISD - Partner District
Ed Donahue, Supt.
Rosebud-Lott ISD - Partner District – Financial Agent
Anthony Price, Supt.
Star ISD - Partner District
Barbara Marchbanks, Supt.
Waco Charter School - Partner District
Johnette Hicks, Supt.
Walnut Springs ISD - Partner District
Pat Garrett, Supt.